Nice and snug


Erholung für Ihr Haustier


Schenke deinem Hund oder deiner Katze ein stressfreies Plätzchen zum Sich-so-richtig-Wohlfühlen.


Stylish protection from electrosmog

W-Lan, Handy, Smarthome – auch in Ihrem Zuhause strahlen Geräte. Mit Bellfugio schenken Sie Ihrem Haustier einen Rückzugsort, an dem es sich gut geschützt wirklich entspannen kann.

And after a nap? It’ll be as bright as a button!

Design to meet the most discerning customer

Amongst the reasons given by the Design Award Jury:

With its elegant rattan design, this stylish item blends in perfectly with any environment. The basket is fully enclosed, including the entrance, and animals just love to retire there. Because it not only gives them a feeling of security – it protects them from electrosmog.


The polyrattan wickerwork is robust, easy to clean and is an eye candy, suitable for any style of furnishing.


A metal grating shields the interior from electronic fields.


The cushion is nice and soft and the cover can be removed for washing.

What size for what animal?

Bellfugio Small

For small breeds such as chihuahuas, duchshunds, maltese and cats

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Bellfugio Medium

For medium-sized breeds such as pugs, French bulldogs and cats

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Bellfugio Large

For large breeds such as Australian shepherds, cocker spaniels, boxers and a litter of cats

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