“With Bellfugio, I
wanted to make
the world of our animals –
that I so love –
a bit better.”

Anja Gansbühler the creator of Bellfugio

My inspiration came from nature

I was wandering in a vineyard and watched a snail
creep back into its house. The inspiration for
Bellfugio was born!

Two things
were important
for me.

It should help people protect their animals from
electro-magnetic radiation and give them a refuge.
At the same time it should be easy on the eye - which it is,
due to its organic design.

The name Bellfugio is self-evident: it means an attractive refuge.

It’s suitable for people where design is important and for
those who want to give their cat or dog a place of well-being.

Patent for

It is a well-known fact that many animals are far more sensitive to radiation
caused by multiple factors from our civilisation than people are. Dogs especially avoid
places where strong electro-magnetic fields have been measured.
Progressive mechanisation is leading more and more to a steady increase in
loading from multiple electrical and magnetic alternating and continuous fields…


(Excerpt from the patent application)

“What affects the heart must
come from the heart.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe