Our Payment options

You have the option of using different payment methods when purchasing one of our products. Please refer to the following for the terms of payment for the individual payment methods:

Payment in advance:

If you choose to pay in advance, you will receive an email after placing your order with the payment instructions and the bank details to which the outstanding amount should be transferred. After receipt of payment on our account, your ordered product will be sent and will be with you in a few days.

PayPal Plus:

PayPal Plus combines several payment methods. Here you have the option of paying via PayPal or your existing PayPal account. However, other payment methods are also made available by PayPal Plus.

The following payment methods are also possible via PayPal Plus:

Payment with credit card:

Payment is made in an input mask at PayPal Plus. You enter your credit card details and the payment will be processed via PayPal without a PayPal account.

Payment by direct debit:

Here, too, the payment is processed via PayPal Plus and you do not need a PayPal account. However, a current account is of course required here, from which the outstanding amount is then debited.

Payment on account:

This service will also be offered soon. You can buy products in our shop as usual, but then pay for them on the invoice that is included in the package. It is important to use the PayPal Plus bank details. You can find this on the enclosed invoice in the package.


See original German Payment options: https://bellfugio.de/zahlungsmoeglichkeiten/